Friday, January 17, 2014

The joys of not medicating

So I've had this chest cold thing.  I went running on Tuesday morning, which added a fever to the mix.  Then I went out Tuesday evening and stayed out slightly too late.  And then on Wednesday night Winton vomited from midnight til 2.30 AM, so sleep was "disturbed."

Consequently, I attributed last night's crippling headache to sinuses and tiredness instead of migraine.  Last night's nausea was assumed to be either a result of swallowing too much mucus or the onset of my version of Winton's stomach ailment.  And when I woke this morning with the same pick-axe through my skull feeling, I thought "Damn!  I have to look after my health better.  These sinuses are killing me."

Headache abated around 9 AM . . . and by 10 I felt quietly, soporifically euphoric if a bit unable to string sentences together.

That's a tell: if I have a migraine and don't treat it with imitrex I get a really relaxed and unfocused euphoria afterwards.

I've had that all afternoon.

It's almost worth the bloody migraines to feel this sedately happy afterwards.

Maybe that's why my children are flooding the bathroom with a mid afternoon relaxa-bath and I am not yelling at them.


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