Monday, January 6, 2014

Birthday Week? Check!

Winton's actual birthday: Monday of last week. I made a big chocolate cake with white frosting.  I took the kids swimming.

Clara's actual birthday: Friday of last week (a school day cancelled because of snow . . . but I had made 40 chocolate chip cookies on Thursday night in case school was on that day and Clara wanted to bring treats for her classmates.)

Their father's birthday: Saturday.

Winton's birthday party (at a duck-pin bowling alley, with 13 friends): Saturday.  I hosted and provided veggies and fruit to round out the bowling alley's pizza and soda party package.

Winton's friend's party at the street car museum: Saturday, immediately after Winton's own party.

Dinner for their father (not a huge deal, but a nice meal I made of sausages, egg noodles and greens): Saturday.

Clara's My Little Pony birthday party: Sunday.  I made a life size Rainbow Dash drawing which the children coloured in.  I hosted.  I made fruit and veg and Mac' n' Cheese and we ate ice cream cake for dessert.

Monday: Clara brings Friday's cookies to school.

Now I am at work, resting.

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  1. That is a lot of festivity right there. Ah, the refuge of a quiet workplace