Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Clara had her cubby conference yesterday.  Today is her first full day.  She started at 8am.  Her school is on Roland Park Avenue, across from Roland Park Country Day School, and just south of Gilman.

The traffic!  It was a lot like a circus, with cars pointing in unlikely directions as they tried to pull U-turns.  There were policemen with whistles, crossing guards wearing neon, and children ages 5-15 or so, everywhere.

It was strange to walk Clara into her class, say goodbye and walk away.  The whole place seemed so porous.  Surely she won't slip out again and run away down the street?  I had to keep reassuring myself it was unlikely she would. But, after years of preschool and carefully closed gates with child-unfriendly latches, there she was, in a busy room full of coming and going with no one watching her in particular and with an open door as I walked away.

Her brother was in high spirits about having "a little peeky" into his sister's new class, until, on the 8 block trek back to where we had parked our car, he wiped out extravagantly and skinned both his knees.

He wasn't impressed about getting to preschool before his favorite teachers either.

Is it really only 10.30 AM?

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