Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Poison Oak

It grows in our "hedge."  Our hedge isn't actually a hedge, but rather a collection of green things that have grown large and bushy, and up into our electricity and phone lines  

Husband went out on the weekend to try and push what our neighbors refer to as "The Green Wall" back a bit with a lawn mower and weed whacker.  He is now pretty much a red, inflamed hive from neck to waist, both front and back.

He's tried calamine.  He's tried baking soda and vinegar.

He's looking for a reliable internet source prescribing bourbon.  Momosyllabic is happy to provide one:

For bad cases of poison ivy and poison oak:

Put 3 ice cubes in a tumbler
Pour in a generous amount of bourbon
Sit still, using both hands to hold the glass while you drink so you don't scratch.
Repeat as needed for 12-21 days.

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