Thursday, August 2, 2012

Out of Zone

We are trying to get our daughter into Roland Park Elementary's Kindergarten, out-of-zone.  We've been on the waiting list since September 14, 2011.

I've been calling every day for 10 days now, speaking to some very nice people who keep asking me to call back.

7 weeks ago I was told we were # 5 on the waiting list.

They'll call while we're away and have dubious cell phone coverage.  Or not til Sept 4 (after Clara has already started Kindergarten at BIA).  Or not til Oct 4 (after she's started to settle in at BIA).  Or not at all.

It was better when BIA French immersion was the only option on the horizon.  Choice is a damnable thing if you think that *maybe* there *perhaps* is one to be made.

AND, though this shouldn't have come as a surprise, school choices for our children are among the most fraught decisions parents can make, aren't they?

BIA is still a good choice too.  The pale blue uniform shirt looks nice on Clara, anyway.  She's excited about that.

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