Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Clara and Winton share a room.  Ever since our trip to the Poconos in June (honestly, it started way before then) they've been keeping each other awake in the evenings.
"Clarrr, Wan talk?" asks Winton
[Maniacal laugh] responds Clara.

Because this can go on for hours, I have separated them.  Winton is now in a pack and play which he outgrew about a year ago, in the room in which I sleep.  He's yelling, at top volume, "Swiper no swiping!"

Clara is gargling with her own spit and laughing maniacally.

Efforts to shut them up escalate rather than calm (that counts for me too--I get ever angrier).

Suggestions?  Anyone?

In the meantime, to the tune of "Trailer for Sale or Rent":

Children, for sale or rent.
Cheap as 50 cents.
Blankies, and toys and pets.
Buy them with no regret.

But truth is:

Two hours of screaming loom
in their darkened bedrooms.
For they're loud and restless, screamers.
Kids get my goat.

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