Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hardie Party

Clara and Winton both have birthdays within the weeks after Christmas, so I have resolved to host a small annual summer birthday party (ostensibly for the dog).  So.

Today we had Hardie Party.  The dog received a cooked bison bone for his fourth birthday, and I hosted a mere 3 extra children and three extra adults.  We had store-bought cake, cheese and crackers, watermelon, lemonade (the latter two brought by adult guests).  We played on the porch with bubble-blowers and sidewalk chalk.  Winton got the Dora doll he so badly wanted, Clara an Angelina Ballerina.
The living room is full of tiny, torn, pieces of tissue paper (evidence of happy child destructiveness).
Winton got to run around naked and managed to poop on the side of, in and next to the potty in the space of half an hour.

There is no reason for me to be as tired, greasy and haloed by hair-frizz as I am now, given the small scale of the day and occasion.

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