Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's been a while

since I ranted about the cats.  You must be dying to know that Pepita (the stray kitten, now about 7 months, who infiltrated our home in June) now insists that Clara nuzzle noses with her when we get home from school.
Also, Winton still calls her "Black Catty-Oh."

She purrs now, which is lovely.  And her coat shines. And she is an utter b*tch with her love.

EG Last night Husband and I were watching Midsomer Murders on roku while the airconditioner roared and the cats draped themselves strategically around the room.  Pepita walks up to Pumpkin (big, orange, male) and begins to lick the inside of his ears, vigorously.  This looks like affection.  Pumpkin seems to take it as affection.  But then Pepita slides her front leg over the back of his neck and begins to bite him, inside an ear.  And Pumpkin shakes his head to get her off.  And Pepita slides her body down so she can bite his jugular.  And Pumpkin propels himself, ungracefully, up and out of Pepita's embrace, lands heavily, dishevelled, and stalks off towards the kitchen.

That is how it is to be loved by Black Cat.


  1. Love it...how I've missed your writing since I've been without technology due to roughing it in the out of doors.

  2. I read about your roughing it! Welcome back. And beware the wild beasts that live indoors (ie so-called domesticated cats . . . and young boys)