Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Monday and Tuesday at home with the kids, random observations resulting from.

-Winton likes to stick his tongue out and sing "wah-lah-lah-lah" in an eerie falsetto.
-Clara needs to nap more, but won't.  Confined to her bed and only allowed up to use the bathroom "until that clock has the short hand on the 3," she will go to the bathroom every 3 minutes.
-7th generation makes a very nice thyme-scented wipe that claims to kill germs: excellent for germ phobes (me) and children who eliminate every 3  minutes (Clara).
-There may or may not be mice in the downstairs cupboard.  Cat and Clara argue that there are.  Neither are necessarily reliable.
-There is marked difference between the playground in the 'hood nearby (deserted slides end weirdly high off the ground and dump children into scruffy mulch containing wrappers for brands of candy I've never heard of before--"Good Blessing"--and flavors of chip I've also never heard of--"mayo and relish") and the one in the Neighborhood up the road (scrupulously safe slides, free of litter and full of slim mothers in owlish sunglasses and "I ran the Baltimore Marathon" T shirts).
-Bedtime is my own personal gruelling marathon whether I've been with les enfants all day or not.  No more feeling guilty about having to work?
-Their daycare providers are, I hope, more patient than I am.
-Puzzles done on the floor and obtuse hound dogs that like to stand in the midst of puzzle pieces make me irritable.

Work again tomorrow.  Ahh.

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