Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I hate it when

It's raining but hot out and too wet to take the dog out for a proper walk with the children,
when everyone sleeps half an hour later than usual and then has to rush,
when, as I am trying to get us out the front door, the dog whines pitifully and continuously,
when Clara won't put her shoes on herself and gets in a tizzy about having her coat sleeves rolled,
when I yell at her,
when Winton runs to the back corner of the kitchen to evade departure,
when it is 8.40 and I have two different school drop-offs and need to be in a classroom myself by 9.30,
when the dog bolts out the front door, runs around our car (parked on the side of a busy street) and then runs home looking like I have beaten him with a broomstick,
when traffic is horrendous because of the rain,
when I yell at the child who throws a toy at the back of my head that I am going to do something horrid to them,
when, as now, I am one minute late for class.

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