Friday, October 29, 2010

"Drop-off was a breeze"

So writes The Husband, home today so that at least one of us can see the Hallowe'en parade that Clara's school has scheduled at exactly the time I am to be teaching The Satanic Verses.  A breeze?  Really.  I am left wondering if it is something in my personality that makes it seem like a stress-inducing heptathlon of pee, diapers, and clingy goodbyes on our more usual days when drop-off is my job.  ie Am I just a big neurotic freak?  Possibly.

Certainly the vision of myself in the college's bathroom mirror this morning (first look in the mirror today) suggests something unstable: that totally bloodshot right eye is a problem, though apt for Hallowe'en.

This is also day 6 of a low grade fever and cough that makes the bronchioli up behind my shoulders hurt.

Maybe I have pneumonia and can check myself into a hospital for a few days rest?  Mmm.  That sounds nice.

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