Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Note to Spouse

Could you please empty the wet vac?  It's in the basement.  I tried using it to vacuum up the dog vomit on the upstairs landing. (Hopefully vomit, not pee.  Yellowish and smelling of cat food, which makes sense if one of the cats threw up and the dog ate it and then threw it up again.)  All it did was lift the carpet from the floor and let stinky water run over a larger area, and then it leaked when I carried it back down the stairs.  All capping off a wonderful soiree which involved Winton (diaper wound up crooked: how??) pooping down the leg of his pants and requiring a pre-dinner bath, and the bathtub then requiring a major cleaning to remove "solids" all while Clara was downstairs yelling agitatedly that her shirt sleeve needed to be re-rolled to exactly the right length.  Kids likely both in bed by the time you read this.
Welcome Home.

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