Friday, September 6, 2013

Car Seats

Doesn't matter how nice the day is, driving to work without people--small, talkative (frequently annoying) people-- in the back feels like a vast emptiness.

However!  It IS a nice day, and there are 16 minutes before class and I am already ready (Oh the luxury of time!), and I've had a very nice morning (barring missing the kids).  Indeed I had a nice evening yesterday too.  The result of the nice evening and morning is that I'm at work today and I don't feel utterly unhinged: that's novel.  I like it very much.  I feel like I could have a conversation with someone today and not delve into either craziness or weepiness (or at least not immediately).  That's all VERY good indeed.

And yesterday afternoon involved a visit to the duck pond with the kids (who found a dead koi and enthusiastically pummeled it with a stick), a bike ride with the kids, and a dinner that featured chicken cooked in tomato sauce and a lot of red wine.

Empirically, objectively, even in terms of scheduling: Life is good.  The kids are fine.  I am fine.  There is much, a great deal, to be happy about.

In the great guilt-fest question, "OMG but how can I be a good Mom if I am not there every second of every day?  Or of every night?," one answer might be that being a less-worked up and guilt- ravaged mom, a mom more able to enjoy the sunshine, would be being the best Mom I can be right now.

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