Friday, March 8, 2013

The Rapid Spread of Contagion: Clara

Well-Child Appointments for Clara and Winton's annual physicals: 2.35pm.
Children: both well, according to the Doctor.

Clara's temperature at 6pm?  103F

1) Can she really have picked something up from the sticky waiting room that had such a short incubation period?
2) Was she already incubating something when we arrived at the Doctor's office?
3) Do we need to bring her back to the Doctor's office for a note so that her school will excuse her absence*?

(* Why do you care, oh callous mother, you ask?  Well, we have a trip to my elderly/insane parents in Canada coming up. It's timed to coincide with a conference in their vicinity so that at least my airfare is covered. It will involve 6 unexcused absences for Clara.  Too many unexcused absences will negatively affect her brother's chances of getting into the school in Fall 2014.  So.  Long stress pipeline here.)

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