Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Winton has been claiming he's scared of his new bed (Perhaps he is?  He did split his lip on the frame while horsing around at bedtime a week ago).  I think he's primarily motivated by a desire to share my bed.

I can, shockingly, sleep with him in my bed.  He's a snuggler, but responsive to nudges if he starts to crowd me too much.

Last night Clara woke at 3AM and, cool as a cucumber, declared loudly and clearly from her bed in the next room: "Mummy.  I had a nightmare.  Come get me."

So, thinking to myself "Well, it's only fair.  Her brother has been sleeping in my bed a lot lately," I got her.

40 minutes later, after much wiggling, sighing, fidgeting, kicking, elbowing, sighing, coughing and sighing, I asked if she wanted to return to her own bed.  Clara:  "Yes: but come make my covers perfect."

How odd that I can easily sleep with one, but that the other is like having an electric eel in bed with me.  I think Clara finds it odd too: how does her brother get any sleep in Mummy's bed??

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