Sunday, March 10, 2013


On the "snow"day (school cancelled and then it rained all day) we went duck-pin bowling.
Winton: An enthusiastic bunny hop to the "deadwood" and "reset" buttons after every ball!  Delight!
Clara: After dropping every ball from height, hands flung up in gymnastic-dismount style!  Delight!

Yesterday: Baltimore Folk Music Society Family Dance.
Winton: enthusiastic bunny hopping in circles and do-si-dos!  Delight!
Clara: whingeing galore.  Wouldn't get off the bench.  Claimed (but only until we were back in the car and heading home, after only 3 dances) that she had a stomach ache.  LOATHING!

Today: Trying to create a raised vegetable bed out of clayey soil webbed by thick, old ivy roots.
Both kids: tuckered out. 
Mommy?  Delighted.  Sore, chapped hands and sun-burnt lips BUT: bring on spring!

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