Sunday, July 8, 2012

Returning to Normalcy

We have returned to our normal lives (including massive environmental footprint).  It's still darned hot outside though.  To avoid the heat we've gone bowling (two chubby thumbs up from Winton), to Port Discovery (sensory overload for us all, with aircon to goosepimple levels), and to an obscure neighborhood pool near Perring Parkway (the most uncomfortably warm of all of the above).

Today temperatures dipped to 93F.  To celebrate, Husband baked a blueberry peach pie which was gooey nirvana and worth every extra degree of heat in the kitchen.  As Winton said, after methodically devouring his slice, "Please, but please, can I just have more peach sloppy?"

In Clara and Wintonisms:

Clara "When I grow Up, I'm going to be a singer"
Winton "When I grow UP, I'm going to destroy Clara's songs"

Tomorrow begins week two of my three week staycation with the kids: may it be less discombobulating than last week.

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