Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Meltdown Season

The scene: breakfast room in the "Best" Western over stale fruit loops and yogurt with fructose appearing three times as an ingredient.  The weather forecast on the mammoth screen in the corner: temperatures over 100F from Denver to DC.  Baltimore's forecast (99F) not the highest of the bunch, but not the lowest either.  Seems the time for the great environmental planet over-heating due to indulgent, wasteful, dissipated and dissolute living is upon us.  I am appalled, headachy, and irresponsibly cranking the hotel ac for all it is worth.

Observations, random:
Not all 2.5 star hotels are equal.  We're at the "Best" Western after an urgent need for coolness.  We were supposed to be home last night, the power back on.  It wasn't.  The previous two nights we were at the The Hampton Inn in White Marsh.  Hampton feels like a much pricier hotel than it is (shame it's in White Marsh though.  What's up with White Marsh??  It feels like something that was utopic on paper and has turned out to be an industrial park studded with PFChangs instead).

Always run the sink garbage disposal after doing dishes, just in case the power unexpectedly goes out and it unexpectedly happens to be the middle of a heat wave.  If there's food left on those blades down there, flies come, and then maggots, and then when you run water into the sink maggots float up in a squirmy creamy raft.  Bleach doesn't kill maggots.  They are remarkably resistant to boiling water too.

Children don't sleep well in unfamiliar spaces, and get less and less manageable.
Unfamiliar spaces (like hotels) require children to be more managed than usual.  In combination with the above?  Not so good.

Pets hate it when you "visit" three times a day but don't live at home.  They hate it.  Droopy hounds stop eating.  Feral cats stalk angrily.  Affectionate cats shun you.  Long haired cats hide.

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