Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Keeping it real

My book came out yesterday, with a cover, and pages, and an isbn and everything:
The Writer and the Overseas Childhood: The Third Culture Literature of Kingsolver, McEwan and Others.

In order that my ego not revel too long, or that my soul not transcend the bounds of mundanity, fate determined that I arrived home after work (first day back after vacation) to discover our ac broken, again.

It's not so bad as long as we still have some power, but it is a bit uncomfortable.

The zinger: the receipt for our July 5 repair of the ac had been on the floor in the kitchen corner all month.  I knew exactly where it was.  But yesterday, mysteriously, it was gone.  I needed the receipt, for ac repairs are costly, and if the company installed a faulty part I darned well didn't want to have to pay for it again.

I searched the basement (in case the cats had taken it for a toy).  I searched my mail bin (in case I absent-mindedly had put it somewhere sensible).  I searched the recycling (which is where is ought to have been if not somewhere sensible).

And then I opened the garbage.  Fruit flies lifted from the rinds of the morning's cantaloupe.  Things oozed from detritus warmed by the afternoon sun in our currently un-airconditioned kitchen.  A doggie poop bag (tied shut but still gross) cradled a rotting tomato.

I sorted by hand until, under a dripping styrofoam container that had held chicken breasts, I found the receipt.  Wet, bacterial, but legible.  I left it out on the back porch to dry and then sealed it in a zip-lock bag.

Today the repair company has been singularly unhelpful.

I am contemplating putting the receipt back in the garbage, under the festering chicken container, for a while before I hand it to them for perusal, IF they ever show up . . .


  1. Oh man. Well a big congratulations on your book! But yeah...no ac really SUCKS. I'd say a little more salmonella on that receipt would be just about right.

    1. Turns out we had ANTS in a tiny part called a contactor. $78 of ant-removal after waiting all day. The good news: the repair guy showed me how to safely remove ants from the contactor myself should we ever have another infestation. I feel so empowered!