Tuesday, April 3, 2012

9.30 pm

[Clara, wailing in upstairs bathroom.  Me, running upstairs to find her close to the toilet, barely awake, standing in a pool of urine]

Me: "Oh.  Whoops.  Well, you almost made it."
Clara: [silence]

Me: "Ok, here.  Stand on this towel so you don't slip.  Good.  Now let's take those pants off.  Is your shirt wet?"
Clara: [silence]

Me: [feeling shirt] "No.  Dry.  Good.  Right, I'm going to wipe you off with a wet towel.  It might feel cold, ok?"
Clara: [silence]

Me: "There!  All clean.  Want to wait here while I get you some fresh pants?"
Clara: "Make sure they are beautiful."

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