Friday, December 30, 2011

Still Viral

Thirteen days and I am still sick enough to have woozy, hot flashy moments.  I'm weary of it.

What?  You say a drive from Baltimore city to Sycamore Illinois (13 hours each way) isn't conducive to healing?
Or a stay at the in-laws?
Or an extra drive to Princeton Illinois on Christmas day?

Perhaps not, but the upsides were: mother-in-law compulsively laundering everything, as well as keeping her house clean so that no chores were my responsibility AND more people in the house to wrangle kids so I actually had a chance to nap now and again.

Oh, and Husband did all the driving, even on the way there (we did the whole trip in one day on the way out; two days on the way back).

We just got back yesterday afternoon.  I still have that odd feeling of being in motion even though I am not.

Every year, after the Christmas trek, everyone feels hungover here on Dec 30 (which is, sadly, Winton's often under-celebrated Birthday).

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