Friday, December 9, 2011


Oh, who was I kidding?  I am nowhere near having a good shortlist for school applications.  I may be tired of school tours, but I still haven't actually seen the following charter schools: Charles Village Montessori, City Neighbors (which has two campuses), or the Green School. 

Also, who was I kidding when I felt relief this morning?  Yes, my classes are over, but no that doesn't mean fewer deadlines: I am chair.  We are doing a hire.  We are doing preliminary interviews at the Modern Languages Association Convention Jan 5-8.
There are nothing but deadlines to come.

And my car was suspiciously slow to start this morning: is the battery dying?

And there is a list next to my computer which is very long and on which all items should really have been completed about a week ago.

And then there's my email, which is full of items which need my attention; for now I am just ignoring the ones that have scrolled off the bottom of the page.

Time to put my head in a bag and weep.

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