Sunday, February 6, 2011

Surprised by Sin . . . I mean snow.

Every Sunday we go to the same bookstore cafe, eat the same treats, go down and play with the same train set and devastate the same collection of plush toys.  At some point during the devastation, Husband breaks ranks and heads to the adjacent grocery store to provision us for the week. 

Because we do the same thing week after week, we are now on speaking terms with a number of other folks who live by routine, including a man who hails, as Husband does, from Illinois.

This morning Husband and Illinois Man discussed the weather here.  Bottom line: Yes, Chicago and its  surrounds are colder BUT no, one does not experience snow as a civic trauma.  Here in Baltimore, 10 days after receiving 4 inches of snow the side roads are still hummocked with ridges of ices and mined with trenches in which snow has melted and refrozen: they are still treacherous.  Still.  Despite the fact that it is 43F outside today, and yesterday we had RAIN.

And every year it as if the city is surprised we have snow, and launches into ineffectual, and short-lived milk and toilet-paper purchasing panic without adding a road-clearing routine.  And every year we have snow.

Our family routine on Sunday mornings is very predictable; how odd that being surprised by snow is a predictable Baltimore city routine.

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