Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Finally, I have found the perfect word to describe that tingling feeling stress produces in tight shoulder muscles: they fizz with tension.  Poet friends, take note.  This description works.  Really, it does.

Why so fizzy today, you ask?  Well, it's only the second week of semester and I've already had 2 snow days to schedule around.  Tomorrow (my big prep day for Friday morning classes, Friday afternoon 3 hour seminar AND, ideally, Monday morning's classes) campus is unexpectedly closed because a major electrical cable needs replacing and there will be no electricity.  That must suck for the students that live in residence.

Add to this Clara, a savvy child, who wailed today that she didn't want another long day at school ("I can't do it, Mummy!  I'm too tired!") and demanded to know, when we reached the doorway of her school building, "But what time are you coming to get me?  Four or four thirty?  I want four."

Also, at some point today I have to discuss whether or not I will be next department chair with the current department chair.  Chairship is a three year term that goes alphabetically here and comes with no financial compensation.  Understandably, no one wants to do it, especially not me.  But it's my turn.
et voila: shoulder fizz.

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