Thursday, February 24, 2011

Outgoing Mail

1) To my Father:

Hi Pappa,

I'm just back from the pool and am at my desk eating lunch (black eyed peas and collards!  Very southern).  Wanted you to know that swimming always makes me think of you.  I always take a few moments after swimming laps to goof around in the deep end (why don't more people do that?).  The goofing around reminds me that the swimming has been for pleasure and not for Work.

Clara has been to the Goucher pool once now as well: she loves it even though her lips go blue after 10 minutes of me holding her up in the water.  We'll go together again when she finally gets over her ear infections.

OK, I must get back to work now.  I love you and I think of you (both) often,



2) My squash colleagues

Hi  __and __,

This semester is testing my time-management ingenuity and musculo-skeletal systems (yes, those issues are definitely related!).  I'm going to take a squash"sabbatical" until one of these things happens: work suddenly seems to fit into a work day, my children stop getting ear infections/ fevers, or the nasty egg shaped lump of tangled muscles under my right shoulder blade finally relaxes and goes away.

Hope the two of you are much more "on top of your game" than I am (and __--I hope your talk went well yesterday!).


3) Unsent, to future Clara and Winton

I am assuming that nutritionists will one day tout pickles (especially nice ones from the farmer's market) as a miracle supplement that improves immune function etc. etc.  That's why I have been letting you eat them at breakfast instead of fruit.

Love, Mum.

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