Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Elemental Man

We tried Assateague in the spring this year. 

In sum: darned COLD (so windy even under the clear blue sky.  In fact, so windy that one of the tents wrenched itself out of the sand and rolled, like a tumbleweed.  Voice kept it from rolling into the fire--good thinking, girl!-- but from there it rolled, ever faster, all the way down to the porta pots where a startled user of the facilities helped me stop it.  All in all it rolled a good 250 meters, at speed).
Plus side: no mosquitos.

Also, and my main comment here, Smiles was able to demonstrate his obsessions: running in the wind ("it feels like you are running so fast!" he says), and the warmth of tarmac which he desperately needed after playing for too long in the cold waves, and of course, nothing is more compelling than a camp fire.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Elemental Man:

Earth, Wind, Water and Fire.

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