Thursday, March 3, 2016


Did I mention the puppy?  The one acquired before Xtide primarily to make me feel better when my children were away?  The one that's half pug, half question mark?
Mm. hmn.
That puppy is roughly 5 months old, naughty yappy, and blessed with a prodigious and adorable underbite.

Last night  between 8.40 and 9.30 pm he peed in the following places :
On Voice's bed,
On Voice's carpet,
outside in the yard,
in the basment, on a throw rug (while I was trying to get Voice's bedding into the wash),
outside  in the yard
on the couch.

1) My god, is the dog ill that he peed so much?? (No, I just put down too much water with dinner and let the smelly puppy jump into the bath with Smiles at bathtime, where the small dog drank large amounts of bathwater)

2) And how am I holding up?  Ragged my friends.  Ragged cranky ass bitch faced ogre does school drop off this morning.  Whee!  The broken-down bus clogging up traffic and making us late didn't help . . .

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