Friday, July 10, 2015

Secure Bonds

Occasionally in my work research, I stumble into books about child development.  Today, I am flipping through Hood's The Self Illusion.  It will not be useful for work, but there's a chapter on Romanian orphanages, the eighteenth-century French wild-boy Victor,  and children separated, too-young, from their mothers.  The old pang returns: god almighty.  Have I already ruined my children?  Voice went to daycare at 9 months, Smiles at 6 months.  Both for part-time hours, but still.  Did they bond enough (and the attendant pang: then they wanted to be with me all the time.  Every day they, now 8 and 6 years old, want me a little less?)?

I am hoping the severity of today's maternal guilt/loss is the result of inadequate sleep.  BF's children have challenging sleep patterns that really mess with me.  Bow, for instance, likes to show up at around 11.30pm (when I have just managed to fall deeply asleep) to request snuggles.  Wisp came to the big bed last night around 3AM and wiggled and kicked until she had taken up a surprising amount of the available space . . .

I am pooped.  I did not turn on the stereo loudly at 6.30 this morning to wake the then sleeping children. Maybe that is my commendable act of the day?

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