Sunday, November 3, 2013

Is it me, or?

Yesterday I re-entered life at the house at 3pm after an 18 hour spell away from it.  I was greeted by: a Peanut Butter Leaf Pony Party, staged in my room.  Then the children fought with each other.  Then Clara burst into tears and fled to the basement. Then we had a nice dog walk together.  Then another temper tantrum (collective).  Then Daddy returned.  This morning, instead of groceries with Daddy, the kids came to the gymn with me to play at kids' club, and allegedly hated every moment of it, even the watching of Scooby Doo.

I am now writing here, while the children play with cars in the (dark) living room despite the bright sun outside.   I'm hiding.

Two theories:

1)  Disturbing the weekend routine which usually involves me being with the kids on Friday night and Saturday, but away Saturday night and Sunday (meaning Saturday night and Sunday are Daddy Time) was a disaster.

2) Halloween hangovers last for longer than a day, and compounding them with a time change is a disaster.

Clara just came upstairs to request an outing to the backyard to "scoop dog poop and weed": sounds great.  This is progress?

In other news, Winton thinks his food preferences are changing with age ("Mommy!  My taste buggers are changing!")

Off we go to the rank poop field known as our back yard.

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