Tuesday, November 19, 2013

And the point of it all is . . . ?

Hi Fans and Other Readers,

In the overpopulated world of mommyblogging, this one interjects at the intersection of humor (the kids I love do funny things) and schadenfreude (wherein you guys get to laugh at me).  Other people do an excellent job of precisely this (dooce, especially before she really got her shit together, or Jenny Lawson).  Clever people encode their children's names (Belgian Waffle): I wish I'd done that.  Still.  Here's today's disclosure:

Inscrutable humor, Clara and Winton's

C: "Winton!  What did one hotdog say to another hotdog?"
W: [long pause]
C:  [expectant silence]
W: "Toothpaste!"
both: shrieking laughter.

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