Monday, April 8, 2013

Resilience: A Study with a Single Participant

Wake Mummy at 4.30AM, or 1.20AM and 4.30 AM, every night for 11 consecutive nights.
On night 9 add a broken (and therefore un-openable) window and markedly warmer temperatures outside (and consequently VERY warm temperatures inside).
On night 11 add copious quantities of cat vomit so the room is hot, stuffy and smells of cat puke and the vinegar used to try and clean it up.

Decline in maternal resilience and patience.  If, ideally, one "bounces back" against the minor challenges of parenting (refusals to brush teeth, insistence on My Little Pony trading rather than putting on of shoes, complaints in car about being hungry when Mummy has just thrown away 88% of child's uneaten breakfast), the Mummy in this experiment doesn't bounce.  In fact, she responds more like a duck pin bowling ball dropped on a concrete floor: loud, jarring, unpleasant, ugly, ruinous.

God help me, I think Mummy's going to sleep in the living room tonight.

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