Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Clara's Restaurant

Yesterday afternoon, Clara created a restaurant in our living room. She named it Breakfast Delicious.

She pulled together two footstools, draped a "table cloth" (blanket) over them, set cushions around them (to seat four) and then started work on her menu:

2 figs
ps [peas]
green beans

She then made a sign: "It opens at 10, the rest."

And discussed problems in her business plan with me: "But, Mummy.  Someone will have to be here to run the restaurant while I'm at school.  May be we should only be open on days when you don't have meetings at work."

And then she had an epic melt-down when I wouldn't let her go out onto the sidewalk to solicit guests.

Me: "OH.  But I thought we were playing restaurant!"
Clara: "Noooo.  It's a real restaurant!  I have to tell people it's open or no one will come."
Me: "Clara, I don't want to have strangers in off the street eating our figs. And I just washed the floor."
Clara: "I hate you, Mummy."

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