Thursday, February 21, 2013


Winton routinely climbs into my bed at 5.30AM for a pre-dawn snuggle.

It occurred to me yesterday (finally?) that Clara, though older and mature at age 6, might be jealous.   So I said, apropos of nothing, as we walked through the blowing gale to school: "I miss snuggling with you.  Want to have a snuggle-date tonight?"  Her cheeks broadened with a smile she worked hard not to let her little brother see.  But no comment.

Yesterday was Wednesday: our longest day of the week.  It is blighted by faculty meetings for me and, though I have KICK ASS childcare arrangements (soccer for Winton, dance for Clara and neither require me to drive or wait around!), everyone is an exhausted, cranky, dysfunctional bag of sh*t by the time we're home with our heaps of backpacks and sticky tupperware. 

I fed the children, speed-bathed them, got teeth brushed, Winton dressed . . . and turned around in time to see Clara, appropriately PJed and already in bed, pat the space on the bed next to her and say, winsomely, "Snuggle date, Mummy!"

I love my daughter (and my son too).  We must all snuggle more.  I must dole out the snuggling equitably.  But there must be lots of it.


  1. such thing as too much snuggling with your babies. How sweet that she remembered.

  2. Lily is our early morning snuggler too. :) Snuggilng makes everything better. :) I laughed out loud at about your Wednesdays. That's us on Friday nights. My husband usually arrives home to find me and the girls already in our pj's, sprawled out in the living room and ready for Friday night movie which I never seem to be able to stay awake for! haha