Thursday, February 7, 2013

Clara: Office Management (the chicken solution)

I have a colleague who is very unhappy.  Indeed she has fallen off the bottom rung of unhappy into a far worse place.

In wracking my brains for a solution, I presented a sanitized version of the predicament to Clara, aged 6, and asked for her advice.

Clara: "Let me think about it" [She's wise, this one.  She knows not to commit to a plan until she has thought things through.]

Several days later:

Clara: "You should give your colleague a real [live] chicken."

What stunning advice.  I wish I could follow through.  It would do the whole department a world of good were I simply to show up with a live chicken one day.  Imagine!  "Here. It's a chicken.  You'll need feed for it, I guess.  I don't think you can potty train it.  Maybe it'll lay an egg on your printer? Enjoy!"

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