Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Apology Letters

Dear Clara,

I am sorry I left your water bottle in the car.  I hope you are not too thirsty at school today as a result.

Somehow whenever there are umbrellas (three, today) involved in the morning drop-off, they crowd other details out of my head.  Apparently I can remember  to check for five things, and only five.  Usually they are: water, lunch, snack, folder, special friend toy.  Today is was: umbrella, umbrella, umbrella, lunch, whatever else happened to have found its way into your backpack by chance.  Your water, secure in the car drinks holder?  Still there.  I am sorry.

I forgot the library books we were going to return this afternoon as well.  Oh well.  They'll keep.

I love you,


Dear Winton,

I am sorry I grouched at you about the umbrellas on our way back to the car after dropping off Clara.   I was mad at myself for having forgotten her water bottle so when I said "Hold it upright, and look where you're going!  Stop poking people. Grr.  I hate these umbrellas!"  It wasn't really your fault.  It was me.  Taking my self-loathing out on you.  I am sorry.

I love you,


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