Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Rainy morning drop-off today, involving a trek along a puddley sidewalk with each of us (Winton, Clara and Mummy) clutching an umbrella maimed in a unique way: Clara's with a broken wing, Winton's with a bent handle and mine with a spontaneously collapsing stem.

When we arrived at school after our cold, wet trek, I realized that in getting the umbrellas organized, I had left Clara's backpack (incl. lunch) in my car.

What's better than a several block long walk in the rain with two small children and three damaged umbrellas?  Doing that walk three more times (once back to the car to fetch the backpack, then back to school, then back to the car again with only the younger and currently more mucus-ridden of my slippery wet ducks).

Still, school is doing some good, as Clara is now able to leave me notes.  While I was cooking dinner she presented me with one that read "I do not love you Mummy."  Good stuff.

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