Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"I don't like my hair"

Over the last days, Winton (tow-headed, with a generous mop of curls) has been trying to flatten his hair.  In the bath, he wets his head and makes the hair lay flat.  In the morning, he borrows his sister's hairbrush to try and flatten the curls.

I have been devastated by this development.

1) his curls are adorable
2) 3 and a half is far too young to be unhappy about one's hair.  I loathe my hair most of the time, but I'm old.

After much gentle inquiry it finally became clear this morning that Winton's bff Nathaniel remarked last week that Winton ought to "straighten up" his hair. 

Now I will set about a dual task:

1) glossing "straighten" so Winton knows it can mean "tidy," not "straight."
2) trying to persuade Winton that one's peers are sometimes quite wrong in what personal grooming and appearance they value.

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