Thursday, May 24, 2012

News briefs

So, here are today's events, paired with the things that make me panicky.

1) a) Robin's nest in tree a mere 4 feet from our window !
    b) Tree grows up through power lines and when the wind blows stretches them scarily from side to side and should be radically pruned but now can't be because of the robins.  And I'm afraid of the power lines snapping.  And I have remnants of Poltergeist-y fears about blowing tree branches in storms at night.

2) a) The cats seem to have recovered from the fleas.
    b)  The dog, despite pesticides, is still covered in fleas, scratching like a maniac and spreading fleas through the house, and likely back to the cats, and I'm running out of pesticides.

3) a)  There's new mold on the wall in the basement bathroom.
    b) It's there because the basement shower leaks, as it always has done, and we haven't been able to afford to fix it, or the upstairs bathroom, since we've moved in and OMG the amount of money time and work needed to right the bathrooms, walls and backyard of our house is gobsmacking: the whole thing is impossible and we shall go bankrupt and the end is nigh.

4) a)  The car is pulling more and more strongly to the right.
  b) Car problems, like house problems, tend towards the apocalyptic AND when I went for our last oil change I snottily declined having the tires rotated, and now they need to be rotated and god knows what else is wrong with the car and god knows what the mechanic will say to make me feel like an idiot for not having the tires rotated last time we went.

There isn't a pair for this last one:
On drop-off at preschool, I was taken aside by Winton's teacher and told that "One of the parents" had concerns that my son was "Touching" their child.  "Touching how?"  I asked.  Seems my son likes to stroke some other child's face, lovingly.  Teacher was careful not to reveal the identity of the complainant.

What the hell am I to say about that?  My son is demonstratively affectionate and someone complains?  He didn't hit, bite or spit.  He didn't touch anywhere inappropriate (which was a relief: when the teacher said "touching" I had thought "Oh god").  Winton likes to touch someone's face, gently.  And they have complained.   What the hell?

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