Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I wish I could nap . . .

Day #2 of Winton home sick from preschool. Happily, I am on Spring Break and have been as neurotic as a cat on an all-LSD diet for the last weeks, so a break at home is really a good thing.  I've been keeping Clara home too, just because I can.  Next year when she is in real school, such discretionary incidents of playing hooky will be frowned upon.

It is 1.45pm and so far today we have walked the dog.  That's about it.  Where does the time go?

I am exhausted.  The boy is, I think, sleeping.  The girl is counting the minutes until 2 pm which is when I told her she can get up again.

I'm loving being home, but need a nap myself.
Home=fantastic BUT Me= so very very tired.

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