Thursday, March 15, 2012

Campus--Spring Break

It is Spring Break.  I am at work today.  I had been assuming I could hide here in my campus office, largely interrupted.

But no.  Oh no.

I have had people knocking on my door to ask stuff, IT issues, unexpected encounters with thorny colleagues, unexpected encounters with pleasant colleagues and a phonecall from the preschool to say that though I don't need to get my son, and though he probably doesn't need to see a doctor, they are legally required to tell me he has sustained a head-injury by slipping on a book and ramming his forehead into the lego table:  "it's a bit red and poofing out, but he's OK."

I am good at focusing, generally, but this day might be beyond even me.  I'm seriously considering renting office space in one of Baltimore's many under-used buildings.  I wonder if I could get a grant for that?

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