Monday, April 25, 2011

Healthy or Unhealthy?

Unhealthy: trying to run everything.
Healthy: sharing responsibilities with spouse.
Unhealthy: Spouse's normal workday and commute (11 hours or so in total which leave me, M-F, obsessively trying to run everything and often getting ragged, irritable and yelly as a result, especially when dropping loudly reluctant, and successfully resistant Clara off at pre-school and then trying to get myself to work on time).

Unhealthy: trying to run everything.
Healthy: allowing visiting grandparents to take care of the children this week.
Unhealthy: trying to deny that this stresses me out because it makes me feel unimportant.

Unhealthy: self-esteem correlated with self-perceived usefulness.
Healthy: self-esteem.
Unhealthy: inability to pinpoint potential sources of self-esteem other than being useful.

Healthy: dark chocolate.  Good thing I just ate some.

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