Wednesday, April 27, 2011

At Home, At Work, and Yoga Practice

Granpa is building a new deck.  We didn't ask.  And it is hot and humid here this week.  And his back is troubling him.  Yet, I suspect it provides welcome refuge from the children he can't hear properly despite his high-tech hearing aids, and from our relatively uncomfortable Swedish armchairs.

Yesterday this left Granma (still wheezy from open heart surgery last year) on solo duty with the four and two year old while Husband and I were at work.

Today I cajoled Clara into spending at least the morning at Preschool (not hard: she loves her heavily bejewelled teacher).  Winton's school is closed this week (hence the grandparental visit) so, he is to stay home with Granma.  Except he usually comes to school with me and Clara so his weeping and distress on my departure with his sister was loud, tearful and abject.

And now I have one of those "ripped in half by my obligation to be at work when what I want is to be with my children" headaches.
It makes me look 400 years old and miserable.

I also forgot my yoga clothes for my daily half hour hidden in the corner of the basketball courts.  I NEED yoga today.  Such was my desperation that I borrowed a pair of pants (already worn a few times) from a tall colleague.  After my classes I will roll up the sleeves of my dress shirt, and the legs of someone else's pants and sweat floppily, and hopefully somewhat privately, on the basketball courts. 

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