Friday, June 10, 2016

Robins Part 3

There are at least 3 babies in that nest now.  They hatched on Wednesday afternoon (Bow was the first to see them).  They are, today, slightly firmer looking, a bit less like wet dinosaur-fish.  Today their wide open beaks reach up over the lip of the nest and look pointed.  Today you can hear their "peep peep."

Standing inside this morning, BF and I watched Mamma Robin (I call her Dr Robin, because Mrs seemed too retrogressive and Ms seemed too formal) and Daddy Robin deliver worms to the nest.  The scene then, on the two sides of the transom's window glass:

Inside: Human couple watching robins delightedly.
Outside: Robin couple watching humans suspiciously.

"I bet,"  said BF, "Daddy robin's saying 'Hmn.  I don't know about this neighborhood' and Mamma's answering 'Well, you picked it'."

This is funny because BF and I have exactly that conversation all the time.
I don't know about this neighborhood.
Well, you picked it.

Anyway the baby Robins in the transom window are pretty darned special.

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