Sunday, August 10, 2014

Driving North as the Children Fly North West

The children are in Illinois visiting their father's parents; I am in Clark's Summit PA, far far away from them (though not alone: goodness there's a lot of traffic wedged into this scenic, evergreen- dense, cleft in the mountains).

I cling to those child psych books that tout "Loving, Authoritative Parenting" because maybe I can still pull those off, at least sometimes?

Loving?  Check!  I love the little buggers to pieces. I think I am pretty good at emoting that (though sometimes I do also emote irritation and other less pleasant things).
Authoritative?  On a good day, I manage to be calm and in control (On a bad day I am hectoring ineptitude embodied).
Parenting?  I try.  I try to be there.  I try to be There with them when I'm there.

I miss them.  Should they come to read this blog (angrily perhaps: how dare I pimp out their lives to a world of unknown readers?  For what?). . . Anyway.  Should they come to read this blog themselves one day, I hope what they find here is how much I love them.

I am going to use the hotel pool now.  They would love it.  I will miss them (and there will also be a tiny bit of pleasure, guilty pleasure, because I will be able to swim rather than lifeguard).

They would have hated the drive.  As WYPR faded into the Harrisburg Public radio station, I managed to catch the same episode of Prairie Home Companion, twice!

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