Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday Night Banjo

Well, hello again, Thursday evening, and bite me.

Am I going to clean the tub?  No.
Am I going to do productive things?  No.

I am going to expand my banjo repertoire.  So far it includes flawed and uneven versions of Cripple Creek, Shortnin' Bread, Little Liza Jane and I'll Fly Away (all in tablature by Tim Jumper).  That's it.  My whole repertoire.  Plus a few chords (G, C, D7, F).  Everything in G tuning (I am afraid to even contemplate other tuning options).  This, my dear readers, after only 7 years of having the banjo sit on a stand in the living room, and a bit less than a year of actually trying to teach myself how to play it.

I have just found this amazing website (owlbanjo Schoolhouse) and its very excellent instructions for playing Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison.  Really excellent instructions, with recordings to listen to at various speeds.  And (AND) everything is in G tuning!  Super Bien!

Fumbling with this stuff should take care of Thursday evenings for at least a decade.

Good thing I decided earlier today that, having finished Clara and Winton's scarves, other knitting projects (tea cosy?) will have to wait until my retirement in approximately 22 years.


  1. Wowee! This update sent chills down my spine. I have a banjo in my closet.
    Good for you. Fuck the tub.

    1. Yay for the banjo! Let it be uncloset-ted and twang good cheer. Fuck the tub indeed.