Monday, October 21, 2013

Volunteering at the Elementary School for recess, lunch and library

Oh sure, you say: pick a day when the weather is gorgeous to stand on the playground.  Tss.  Piker.
Shut up.
At least I went.

Things I learnt on the playground:

1) everyone is obsessed with those rainbom loom bracelet band things
2) even the boys
3) you can make the bracelets on your fingers
4) little girls are very bossy teachers when there's a parent trying to learn how to make a bracelet out of tiny elastic bands on her (massive, sausagey) fingers.

Also: lunch rooms are very sticky.

And libraries can be, like my bookshelves at home, arranged as much according to the librarian's inner logic as by the dewie decimal system.

I'm smug about the elasticy bandy necklace I just made for my son though.  I'm enjoying a brief shining moment of understanding the zeitgeist of the under sevens.

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