Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Clara: Learning (the wrong?) things about getting what she wants in the world

Clara's class went on a field trip to the Aquarium a few months ago.  Somehow (how?) she persuaded one of the accompanying parents to buy her a large, pink, glittery, stuffed dolphin.  Just one for her, not for the whole class.  That there wasn't a kindergartener's mutiny over this is a miracle.  Clara insisted on bringing her ill-gotten dolphin to school later that week.  And then someone "borrowed" it.  Can you blame them?  I would totally have stolen it myself were I another, jealous kindergartener.  Clara made a tragic poster: "I lost my dolphin, I loved my dolphin." Miraculously, it showed up again.

Last week, Clara left a toy pony (the purple one, what's her name?  Twilight Sparkle) on the outside picnic table at Winton's preschool, and it disappeared.  She made another poster.  "I lost my pony.  I loved my pony."  Yesterday one of the preschool teachers presented Clara with a replacement pony (a New pony, a Rarity not a Twilight Sparkle) because she "just felt so sad when she saw the poster."


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